Get Ahead of Spending

Staying in control means knowing where your money is going and where you need to spend it and not spend it. Taking control of your predictable and repeating expenses, gives you confidence, relieving stress and anxiety.

This is how you will benefit

  1. Relieves stress and anxiety around money matters
  2. Spend with confidence with a customised Spending Plan
  3. Spending Plan brings control & visibility
  4. Spending Plan gives you options
  5. Gives you greater control of your finances
  6. Stop living week to week

Spending Coach

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Gaining Purchasing Power

Spend with confidence reducing non-essential expenses, such as grocery shopping and taking your lunch to work as an example. Change your mind set on adhoc purchases and feel confident when spending your money, knowing you are in control and making better decisions.

This is how you will benefit

  1. Better knowledge of your day to day money management removes the need for adhoc purchases, short term lending, with brand like After Pay and Zip.
  2. Your armed with your Magic number giving you the confidence to better manage your money.
  3. Changing your mind set around adhoc purchases
  4. Knowing when to buy and when to leave a purchase (gives you a target of how much to spend for you to stay in control)
  5. Spend inline with your budget
  6. Start achieving your goals

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Achieve Savings Success

Having ‘saving goals’ is a great way to start saving money. Having a Spending Plan (budget) and making small changes on how you spend your money can have a significantly positive impact to your savings target. The benefit of a spending plan allows you to feel the confidence to successfully save money knowing your expenses are taken care of. Saving can be achieved by managing your expenses removing un-needed reoccurring purchases/expenses and changing your mind set on adhoc purchases.

This is how you will benefit

  1. Ability to plan for the future
  2. Creates positive options for your future
  3. Confidence in making planning for the future
  4. Save for emergencies
  5. Save for a car
  6. Save for a home loan

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