My F#%king bills are overdue again…

My F#%King bills are overdue again

Have you ever scrambled to pay a bill on time or even pay a bill after it was due? Keeping track of your bills can be difficult.

This has happened to us many times, (causing us to swear too) even after we had a system and planned out our bills. We used to always pay by cash, but if we were late, we then had to rely on the credit card. Not because we didn’t have the money, but its was either too late or too far to get to the Post Office on time. This was simply because our system broke down and we forgot. Most of the time we managed to pay on time, but there were the odd occasions where we completely got side-tracked with life’s events and payed a bill late. This would then really hurt financially having to deal with late fees.

Motivated by keeping our costs down, we searched for an easier method to manage  bill payments on time. We came across BPAY and wondered if we could come up with a way to incorporate this into our financial process and ensure we would not be late again. So we trialled a simple plan to pay our bills when they arrive. I know what your thinking, pay them straight away, even if they aren’t due? No, we’d prefer to keep our money with us until it was absolutely necessary to part with it. What we did was, as soon as a bill arrived, we would schedule payment via BPAY through our bills account. This then ensured that when the due date arrived for the bill, it was taken care of, bam! payed!

If your late to the BPAY party, don’t feel bad, we were too. For those not across it, BPAY is a method of organising payment from your bank account to your bills bank account. This is done through your bank and allows payment to your bill to be paid immediately or scheduled, Awesome right? For those of you familiar with BPAY, perhaps this can help you better schedule your bills.

Bpay Bills

When your bill arrives follow the below steps.

  1. Log on to your online, mobile, or over-the-phone banking service
  2. Look for the BPAY logo and Biller Code on your bill
  3. Enter the required information – usually the biller code, customer reference number, payment amount and date (it is recommended to schedule payment 2/3 days prior).
  4. Pay your bill.
  5. Write the details on your bill as confirmation
  6. On payment of your bill a reference number will appear on you online bank statement, you may wish the write that on your bill later

Since using this method to pay our bills we haven’t run late once. To be honest, we don’t even think too much about them, they arrive, they are payed (scheduled via BPAY), their filed.

sick of swearing at overdue bills?

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